Practical, suitable and special things, for music therapy in rehabilitation.

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Stand Frame Drum

Stand: Schlagwerk ST3045, 59 €
Holder: Schlagwerk RTH 20 Frame Drum Holder 33 €
Drum: exchangable here Meinl

Singing bowl handle

This handle can be placed inside the singing bowl for better handling in body contact. various models and sizes (app. 20,- bis 50,- €) seen at

Guitar push up

ERGOPLAY TAPPERT - playing a guitar becomes ergonomic! Developd from a passioned guitar player, very flexibel to adapt for healthy and handicapped players. appr. ca. 23,- €. found at

Body Tambura

Similar to the Monochord the body tambura offers interesting playing option for and with the patient. The tone spectrum is equally rich of overtones and with notably more depth due to 3 different tone heights. seen at:


New string instrument. Easy to handle. Special scores available which can be put behind the strings.  

260,- €. found at

Sizzle Board

This Instrument Schlagwerk SIZ10  can be fixed to the thigh. It is played by hand or with rods. The sound is somewhat similar to a snare drum. app. 30,- €.

Sizzle Board

This Instrument Schlagwerk SIZ10  can be fixed to the thigh. It is played by hand or with rods. The sound is somewhat similar to a snare drum. app. 30,- €.


The first Piano for the sick bed. The keyboard is in original size. There are loudspeakers integrated, but soundwill become nice when external loudspeakers or headphones are used.
found at

Bongo Stand

The new Bongo stand Meinl THBS Bongo Stand is adjustable in height and can be handled much easier in comparison to former versions. costs app. 80,- €. seen at

Loudspeaker with MicroSD

This small loudspeaker has it own digital storage - (MicroSD). It also provides a line-in for extra devices. That means it plays either on its own and it works as an external loudspeaker. It has an internal battery,which is loaded via USB. The sound is fairly good when looking at the smal price. found at 24 Euros

Krix - music for your shoe

This is just to put in your shoe. And there the music gets started.

by Schlagwerk


From a cabinetmaking in the north of germany you get this gorgeous piece of craft. The firm offers a variety of different food instruments, e.g. a tiny winy shaker to put on your shoe.

found at

Shake Hand

Within that glove of the firm Schlagwerk you may put 2 Maracas and one sound egg. So you can use shaker and a drum at the same time.

Singing Bowl with handle

Finally a singing bowl with a handle for easy handling in therapy. You get this in different sizes. It may be used also for food and hand reflex zones or directly on joints.

online offer not available any more. Please inform us, when you know another possibility to get it. 

Sounding cradle

The sounding cradle is a combination of musical isntrument and relaxation furniture. You sense the sound with the whole body. In Germany we call that Klangmassage.

found at 2200,- Euro

MP3 - player

This portable mp3 player SanDisk Clip Sport has a clip on its backside. With this it is easy to wear for therapeutic and outside activities. The menu is quite complicated and display and buttons are fairy small. Guess we have to wait for improvements. Right now still a recommendation.

found at 40 Euro


These sound shapes are a very practical instrumant for variable music playing in different settings and positions. The sound shapes all have there individual tone and can be adjusted separately. Only the handling of the stand can become a little hard.

found at 236 Euro

Stand for Xylophon / Metallophon

This rollin stand was originally designed for big orchestra drum by the firm Lefima. It's an ideal way to place Xylophone, Metallophone etc. in different heights. You can also change the angle by turning it in the horizontal plane. Very practical.

found at für 320 Euro

Stand for hand drum

stand for various hand drums. comes with a fixing cross (s. below)

found at, 84,- Euro

fixing cross

The RTH-10 fixing cross for hand drums. to be combined the a cymbal stand (16 mm).

found at

Digital Metronome

Teh digital metronome MA-30 from KORG has a fairly nice tone. It can be adjusted in its volume and offers a tap-in function.  found at  11 Euro

Clip metronome von SEIKO DM-51. 13,90 Euro

Sound Level Meter

A digital volume meter.

Digital Sound 8922. look at 79.00 Euro