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Parkinson's Disease

The parkinon's disease can till today not be cured in a causative way. When pharmacolocigal treatment isn't helping or is becomming insufficient, the treatment should be enriched by activating therapies. Many special hospitals for parkinson's or neuro rehab units offer music therapy. This can be an important accompanying therapy for people with parkinson's.

With RAS - gait training patients can improve their walking ability with the help of a metronome or music. According to the therapeutic goal, the patient can work on step length, increased arm swing or a more stable walking pattern. Decisive for the therapeutic succes is the right training music. The training tempo is individually adjusted.

For the treament of gait freezing rhythmic training with metronome is often effective. The device is set in order to reduce stepping frequency.

Therapeutic singing is a very smart way  to exercise voice and breathing functions. The voice quality and the coordination of breathing and voice can be improved. This also leads to better speaking in communication.

In rhythmic speech training patients with very poor intelligibility can learn speak more clearly again.

Dancing therapy for parkinson patients isbeneficial for general mobility, for balance and coordination. In round dances, block dances and couple dances movements can be improved in a motivating group experience. It can renew the joy of movement - even in people with parkinon's.

Also musical instruments can bear fruitful therapeutic activities for people with parkinson's. Even people who had never touched a piano before, can make good use of it for the purpose of training fine motor skills. In single or group therapy this technique of music therapy can apart from the motor training serve as a kind music psychotherapy. And thus help to improve the coping with the disease and the quality of life.