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Neurologic Rehabilitation - Competence Network Stroke

Music Therapy - Journal and Online Community for Music Therapy

Music Therapy and Rehabilitation - Academy for Neurologic Music Therapy - German Seminar for Neurologic Music Therapy

Music for Rehab - functional music for therapeutic applications in rehab - AMTA American Music Therapy Association

Research - Prof. Stefan Koelsch, music cognition research - German Center For Music Therapy Research - Institut for Music Physiology and Musicians Medicine - International Laboratory for Brain, Music and Sound Research

Music software - Audacity - freeware to redesign, change tempo or pitich in audio files - Audiograbber - freeware to produce and grab mp3, or make line-in recordings - BPM - Detector - freeware to evaltuate exact music tempo in mp3

Assessments - Montreal Cognitive Assessment Test (MoCa) - Rehabilitation Measures Database