NMT Skype Intervision

A good opportunity to meet NMT colleagues from German-speaking countries and to exchange practical experiences.

Meetings take place every 2-3 months and last 60 minutes.

First contact Stefan Mainka or Elke Rohde and send your Skype alias. Then you will receive a contact request from us (a few days before the appointment), which you should confirm. Then all you have to do is turn on Skype at the scheduled time (5 minutes beforehand if possible).

Please check your audio and video connection beforehand!

In the session there is the possibility to present your own work or a case, possibly by video. It's best to register with Elke beforehand

So that everything runs smoothly, we want to observe the following communication rules:

  • Turn off the microphone (often) when you are not speaking
  • speak only when it's your turn
  • used the chat function (in the upper right corner)
  • give a floor with one ! – Character. That means 'I want to say something'.
  • show for a question? - Character

See you online!