Music psychotherapy

People with neurological disorders are often exposed to extreme mental stress. The loss of essential aspects of your identity, your communication and your future prospects can reduce the quality of life you experience. It is therefore very important to have physical and functional rehabilitation goals mental reality to integrate the patient into the treatment concept. The psychotherapeutic methods of music therapy are predestined for this. They enable contact and communication to be established even when other forms of treatment cannot find access.

In such music psychotherapy, music serves as a medium of feeling and expression. Music evokes feelings and moods in every person individually, depending on their biography and situation. These serve as the starting point for psychotherapeutic work. They build on the psychological state of mind. This is how the important process of "through the back door" becomes Disease processing initiated.

In the psychotherapeutic context, music therapy group offers can also be important. Methods such as group instrument improvisation, receptive group music therapy or group singing therapy enable the initiation of an examination of one's own situation in a non-performance-oriented atmosphere.