Useful, practical and special information for music therapy in rehabilitation.*

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The LiLa songbook to print yourself with songs from then until now. With folk songs, as well as pop, rock and hits. Download, print, booklet and start singing! With karaoke links and adaptation for more mature and impaired voices. 04/18/2024.

Browser plugin for transposing streaming music. This plugin can change the pitch as well as the tempo. Ideal e.g. for therapeutic karaoke applications (e.g. via YouTube). Available for Google Chrome:

Karafun app: With this app, karaoke becomes therapeutic. You can adjust the pitch and tempo to suit your individual needs. Available for Android, iOS and PC. The free basic version includes some full versions to try out. The app currently costs €10/month as a subscription.

BPM Tap Counter is an app with which you can easily determine the musical or motor tempo (e.g. step frequency). Play StoreApp Store

The Swallow Ringer - an audio memory training to improve the swallowing function.

Information sheet music therapy for contact isolation - Material and tips. Which instruments, devices, software etc. are particularly suitable if the therapy has to take place in the patient room due to germ-related isolation? (in german)

Handbells for the table. These tuned hand chimes don't have to be hold or shaken. They just sound on touch. seen at (Rainbow handbells)

Music therapy anamnesis vegetative state: External assessment of music biography by Stefan Emde

Stand for frame drum: Stand: percussion ST30, holder: Schlagwerk RTH 20 Frame Drum Holder, drum: universal, here from Meinl

Suction cups for singing bowls for better handling when working close to the body. different models and sizes. seen by

Ergoplay Tappert guitar rest - now guitar will play ergonomically! Constructed by a courageous guitar player, flexibly adjustable. seen at

Audacity software. We have been putting this freeware (free software) in ours for a long time links in front. in the Video shows how you can easily change the pitch of pieces of music. Download at

Body tambura - Related to the monochord, this instrument offers very good playing possibilities with and on patients. The tone spectrum is also rich in overtones and quite variable with 3 different pitches. seen by: , sound couches and therapy monochords can also be found at

The Curaswing app make music. This turns the iPhone into a musical instrument. The device's motion sensors generate stimulating motion feedback - as music!

Magic harp - Stringed instrument, easy to handle due to the larger string spacing. Special notes in symbol notation are available as an insert for the instrument. seen by

Skoog - midi instrument with very practical uses. seen by

Sizzle board - This instrument Schlagwerk SIZ10 can be strapped to the thigh and is played by hand or rods. It sounds a bit like snare. seen at

The Harp Zither or Key Zither (English Autoharp) is the ideal accompaniment instrument: significantly louder and with a much larger sound spectrum than a guitar. Very easy to use with a pick. Is either held in front of the chest with both arms or seated on the knees while playing. Oscar Schmidt products can be recommended. seen at

Rolling piano - Piano for the bedside. It even has a full-size keyboard, built-in speakers, a headphone output and can be operated with a power supply. The built-in speakers are rather poor in sound. seen at

Krix - Music in the shoe. This part is simply put in the shoe. And then it makes "uffz". Schlagwerk company

Foot percussion - A turnery from Wittstock came up with something good: in addition to this percussion shoe attachment, this company also has other small, sophisticated foot percussion instruments.
seen at

Shake hand - 2 maracas and a shaker can be inserted into this glove from Schlagwerk. So you can skake and drum at the same time.

Multifunction singing bowl - Finally a singing bowl with a handle! The multifunction singing bowl is available in different sizes. It is particularly suitable for use on foot or hand reflex zones or on the joints. ! No longer available online. You're welcome inform usif you know where this product is available.

This portable SanDisk Clip Sport MP3 player is comparatively easy to use. Pieces of music are uploaded to the PC via a USB cable. The device charges automatically when connected to a PC. With a clip on the back, it can be easily attached to clothing. seen at

The Stand wagon for large orchestra drum by Lefima is an excellent way to keep xylophones, metallophones, stick games etc. height-adjustable, tiltable and also mobile.
Some instruments already have the screw holes required for this. seen at

Tripod holder for various frame drums, including a holding cross.
seen at

Meinl Knee Jingle Pad, seen at

Song & song - very variable and diverse songbook with folk songs, pop and rock, but also international songs. seen at Schott Music.

* All recommendations were carefully examined with music therapy for their use in rehabilitation. We do not receive any compensation for our recommendations.