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Music therapy - German Music Therapy Society (in german) - Journal and Online Community for Music Therapy - German music therapy association to promote the concept according to Schwabe e. V., (in german) - Music therapy game suggestions (in german)… - Youtube channel of the German Music therapy society (in german)  

Music therapy and rehabilitation - Academy for Neurologic Music Therapy - German advanced training seminar for neurological music therapy - The NMT Skype Intervision for the German-speaking therapists

Projects and initiatives - Dance project for people with Parkinson's in Hamburg/Germany - Dance project for people with physical limitations at the Deutsche Oper Berlin

Music for rehabilitation - Functional music for rehabilitation applications - Adventure song books for people with dementia (in german) - Historical-critical lexicon of songs. Popular and traditional songs (in german) - Christian song database (in german) - Folksongs very carefully in picture and sound from the Carus publishing house (in german) - German songs. Bamberg anthology. Explanations of pop, rock, folk ... (in german)

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