National Register of Music Therapy

2022-02-15. Music therapy plays an increasingly important role in complex therapy programs in rehabilitation. A constantly growing number of clinically active music therapists has so far been faced with rather inadequate outpatient care. In the inpatient treatment setting, music therapy is often an integral part of a multidisciplinary therapy offering. And also in standardized treatment procedures, For example, in neurological early rehabilitation, in Parkinson's complex therapy or neuro-geriatric rehabilitation, music therapy is now billable and established as a fixed medical service in the health system financed by health insurance companies. Nevertheless, post-hospital treatment is often not possible or difficult. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that outpatient music therapy has not yet been reimbursed by health insurance companies. On the other hand, until now it has been difficult to find a qualified and local music therapy service.

At least the latter is getting easier now. The Federal Working Group on Music Therapy now has a National Online Registry for Music Therapy hung up. In it, for the first time, all certified music therapists in Germany are centrally recorded and listed. Similar to professional chambers of other professions, a quality-assuring certification procedure ensures that only comprehensively trained and sufficiently qualified music therapists are included in the register. This significantly increases treatment safety for patients.

An interactive search mask makes it possible to search not only in your own living area. Additional search fields can also be used to find specialist therapists in a targeted manner, for example in the field of rehabilitation. Of course, this does not solve the financing problem in the outpatient sector, but at least in the future it will be easier to find a qualified music therapist in your own region.

The National Register of Music Therapy can be found online here: