A stroke (or apoplexy) can lead to various neurological symptoms. Most rehabilitation clinics have music therapy in their therapeutic offer. There are a number of effective methods.

The best researched method is Gait training with music (Rhythmic-auditory stimulation). Clinical trials (see  news) have shown that stroke patients benefit more and more quickly from musical gait training than from other methods. Either a metronome or special Training music.

Also Arm and hand training can be optimized by music therapy methods. Easy-to-use musical instruments are used. The movements during playing are modified and individually adjusted so that they support the motor rehabilitation goal. This technique has also been clinically tested.

Some people with stroke suffer from language or speech restrictions. Here too the Music therapy with aphasia effective therapy techniques. Neglect of one side, the so-called neglect, can also be treated with music therapy. Musical neglect training is suitable for this - also a technique of Neurological Music Therapy.

Those affected are also exposed to severe psychological stress after the sudden event of the stroke. Here can Individual music therapy be very helpful. (see also news)

The diverse effects of music on relaxation, improving mood and motivation, and stimulating mobility and walking after a stroke can be utilized by creating personalized playlists. Here we explain how to do it well.