Music is very effective to support training activities. It not only improves motivation. With the right music, training also becomes more ergonomic, muscles work more efficiently, our physical performance improves. And even strength can be measurably increased. 

But which music is appropriate?
When choosing, you should first be guided by the activity, that is, the movement. The rhythm of the music should reflect this movement as closely as possible. With the tempo of the music - the so-called beat number - you can even control the movement. Even small changes in the beat number can have a significant effect on the effectiveness of the training. The beat number is given in beats per minute and abbreviated as bpm. abbreviated.

The following tracks are suitable for a music guided gait training:

88 – 90 bpm

93 – 95 bpm

99 – 101 bpm

105 – 107 bpm

108 – 110 bpm

111 – 113 bpm

114 – 116 bpm

117 – 119 bpm

120 – 122 bpm

123 – 126 bpm

Stop & Go, various bpm

Relaxation program (in GERMAN, 19 min) with Body scan and place of calmness by Henriette Oelsner & Stefan Mainka


Weite - music for relaxation (15 min)


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