Relaxation program (in GERMAN, 19 min) with Body scan and place of calmness by Henriette Oelsner & Stefan Mainka


Weite - music for relaxation (15 min)


rehabilitation gait training 55 to 120 bpm:

55 bpm Wagen
58 bpm Wagen
61 bpm Wagen
65 bpm Wanderlust
69 bpm Wanderlust
73 bpm Jaeger
77 bpm Jaeger
82 bpm Jaeger
87 bpm Spaziergang
92 bpm Spaziergang
97 bpm hikers
102 bpm Wanderer
108 bpm Wanderer
114 bpm Wagen
120 bpm Wagen
127 bpm Wagen

All titles composed and produced by Stefan Mainka.

To use the music effectively, speak to your treating therapist or doctor. 

All MP3s are protected by copyright and may not be copied or reproduced for commercial purposes.

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